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We take our commitiment to protect the environment very seriously. Because of this we make a simple promise:

Wherever more Eco-friendly products will do the job for our customers, we promise to offer them to you as an alternative - even if they are more expensive. We will take the time to explain to you the benefits of making the change.

If you choose to use them, we will be happy to have joined you in making a small contribution to protecting our environment.

Products which we believe can rightly be called an "Eco-Friendly Alternative" will be marked with this symbol.

These will be products which can be used to replace those containing known harmful substances or other chemicals with possible harmful side-effects. Please ask us to explain in detail and we will be happy to do so.

Our website will shortly contain copies of Material Data Safety Sheets for you to download explaining the exact chemical nature of each product we sell.

We take the disposal of waste just as seriously and will endeavour to help our customers find the most efficient methods to recycle or dispose of waste.